One of the key pillars of GoBeyond is our global investor community. We have reached out to some of the members with a brief 10-question interview to understand the drivers behind their investments, their deal breakers and what they think are the next big trends. Here are the answers of Cindy Naegel, a GoBeyond member since 2013.


In brief


Cindy has been an Angel Investor since 2008
Number of investments made: 20+
Number of exits: 6
Sectors she invests in: All, as long as innovative or disruptive


Why did you get involved in angel investing?

Further to the financial crisis of 2008, I wanted an alternative to the bank opaque offer, and invest better by, for example, participating to the creation of employment in my region.

What are the key things you look for in a startup?

  • The Entrepreneur/Founder should be a “fully licensed captain”, someone who can navigate through troubled waters when needed, by assessing opportunities and being reactive
  • The product or the offer should be an innovative solution to a real problem

What are your deal-breakers (red flags)?

Entrepreneurs who are not assertive or don’t listen; and will not feel any pain if the project does not work out

Your advice to novice Angel Investors

Portfolio diversification, patience and enjoy the ride

Sectors to watch as an investor in 2021?

AI, environmental topics, med-tech


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