Creating and curating connections has always been at the core of GoBeyond. From the very start, we sought to create a space where investors could meet innovative entrepreneurs and support them by offering early stage funding and guidance. Our driving force has always been our belief that these are the type of connections that can influence the way the future unfolds and to make an impact.

We felt it was time to enhance GoBeyond’s offering. So we’re developing a dynamic platform that take into the account the needs of all the parties to ensure that it is easier for our global community to connect, seamlessly and securely. And we also took the opportunity to refresh our brand to better reflect our evolving story – which is a story centred around people.

“We believe we have achieved a closer relationship between the brand and our growth strategy for the company. Our new logo represents our company’s purpose; the pursuit of perpetual growth. And the combination of trustworthy blue with a fresh, white balance is comforting on the eye and encourages a friendly, yet serious message. This is very representative of early-stage investing: It’s fun and it’s all about ideas and the people behind them. But it’s also about taking things seriously and having the right tools at hand,” says Go Beyond CEO Christopher Rolfe.

“Our new online platform seeks to offer these tools. It will provide an easily-accessible virtual meeting environment where investors and entrepreneurs come together. A space where startups can pitch their ideas to interested business angels, raise funds and get expert guidance and mentorship. A space which can be used both virtually and physically where investors can meet like minded people and grow their portfolios” Chris adds.

We are creating an ecosystem where all participants involved can communicate seamlessly from anywhere in the world. Of course, our vetting mechanisms over both entrepreneurs and investors will still be in place as this is core part of network. And our belief in knowledge sharing is being translated into a knowledge centre where entrepreneurs and investors can access a comprehensive curriculum. Investing in the future is exciting and as a brand that brings together people with the best minds, experience and insights. People who, like us, appreciate that investing in the future can come with risks, but that the rewards go way beyond financial returns.

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Angel Investing involves substantial risk and many early-stage investments will not be successful. Please click here to read our Risk Warning in full.
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